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Tamagawa International Language School

Japanese Language Education Promotion Association Accredited School



Chairman: Mamoru Tamagawa

Scholarship System 玉川国際学院は0歳からの生涯教育を実現することを目的として、長期的な展望で教育システムの確立を目指しております。現在の国際社会では、国家間相互の協力が、世界発展のための一番の近道です。そのために、教育はもっとも大事なことであり、私たち一人ひとりが世界平和のために貢献しなければ、世界の発展はありえません。国際交流を促進するために、多くの国際的な人材を育成するのが当校の目標です。学生全員が目標の大学または大学院に合格できるように努力しています。

Director: Bei Tamagawa

Scholarship System 2017年3月より玉川国際学院の理事長に就任いたしました。



Features of Tamagawa International Language School

The aim of Tamagawa

The aim of TamagawaTamagawa International Language School and Tamagawa International School Culture Department are aiming to establish an educational system with a long-term perspective for the purpose of realizing lifelong education.
Currently, we accept many international students from Asian countries. In the globalized international society going forward, efficient and prompt information exchange will be indispensable. Our school aims to develop human resources who can interact with people from all over the world from a broad perspective. Many companies want human resources who can work around the world. We would like to develop human resources who can respond to such requests.

University Entrance Guidance

進学指導Our school is dedicated to teaching students under the guidance of experienced and excellent teachers. There are various examinations for university admission, such as the “Study Abroad Exam”, “Unique Exam”, and “Japanese Language Proficiency Test”. Our school has its own curriculum for both. First of all, we will give guidance on what to do to advance to a Japanese university through regular academic orientation four times a year.
Beginning with individual counseling by career guidance teachers and home room teachers, teachers are enthusiastic from the basic exercises to the last mock exams, following the summer vacation exercises and the annual curriculum for taking the exams so that everyone can go on to the desired university. Every year, we have many successful applicants at famous private universities, including the national universities of difficult universities.

Higher Education Support


1. Continue to advance to higher education → Held regular information sessions for higher education twice or three times a year to provide detailed information related to advancement promptly and accurately
2. EJU exam classes → Japanese courses as well as mathematics I and II, combined subjects, and English classes
3. Government-related guidance → Detailed and kind consultations by teachers and teachers specializing in teaching, interview guidance, and preparation of research plans

Job Support Course

Job Support Course

Under our school's educational goal of cultivating international human resources at our school, many students have been enrolled in Japanese graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools. This course is designed to support the employment of students in line with the needs of new talent.

Study Room & Library

Study Room & Library




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