April 2021 Studends’s COE Congratulation

February 26, 2021

100% applied for Eligibility were pass, congratulations. We are waiting for your admission. Let make your dreams come true from Tamagawa International Language School.



February 10, 2021

日月开新元,天地又一春 值此新春佳节来临之际,玉川集团携全体员工向支持关心玉川发展的社会各界的朋友们致以最亲切的问候和真诚的祝福!祝大家新的一年,身体健康,万事如意! 2021年玉川集团愿携手各界同仁,同心同行同发展,创业创新创辉煌!!    


Facial Recognition and Temperature Detection Smart AI Camera

January 25, 2021

To prevent the pandemic of Covid-19, Facial Recognition and Temperature Detection Smart AI Camera are been putting in school’s door. When you enter the school’s door, you need stand in front of camera for measuring you body temperature, and then disinfect your hands. The machine will sound “normal temperature”, write your body temperature, and then […]


Orientation for new students

January 15, 2021

The orientation was held on January 7, 2021. It was everyone cheers for good work. Teachers took a lot of pictures. Please enjoy watching. Preparing Students come! Mr. Lo is waiting for you. Everybody come Miss Furukawa is starting the orientation Mr. Hayashi – school’s teacher Mr. Nagashima – school’s teacher Ms. Miura – school’s […]



December 24, 2020

クリスマスに忘年会(ぼうねんかい)、そして新年(しんねん)を迎(むか)えてお正月(しょうがつ)、冬休(ふゆやす)みはたくさんのイベントがありますね。 みなさん、日本のルールやマナーを守(まも)って、留学生(りゅうがくせい)らしい生活(せいかつ)を送(おく)り、楽(たの)しい冬休(ふゆやす)みを過(す)ごしてくださいね。(^o^*) 【特(とく)に注意(ちゅうい)すべきこと】 規則(きそく)正しい生活(せいかつ)をする。(朝までゲームとかダメですよ!)健康(けんこう)管理(かんり)に気(き)をつける。(コロナだけじゃなく、風邪(かぜ)やインフルエンザも注意(ちゅうい)!)決(き)められたアルバイトの労働(ろうどう)時間(じかん)を守(まも)る! (冬休み:1日に8時間 1週間に40時間 までです!) 外出(がいしゅつ)するときは、どんなに近(ちか)い場所(ばしょ)でも「在留(ざいりゅう)カード」を携帯(けいたい)すること!道路(どうろ)や公園(こうえん)など、公共(こうきょう)の場所(ばしょ)でお酒(さけ)を飲(の)んで騒(さわ)がない!


Japan government: continues discussing with China to resume traffic

October 26, 2020

6:53 AM 21st October, 2020 The government is continuing discussions with China over the immigration restrictions for the covid-19 pandemic, hoping to reach an agreement with China to resume traffic for business people within this month. The government is step by step canceling the immigration restrictions, such as resuming the traffic of business people from […]



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