Orientation for new students

January 15, 2021

The orientation was held on January 7, 2021. It was everyone cheers for good work. Teachers took a lot of pictures. Please enjoy watching.


Students come!

Mr. Lo is waiting for you.

Everybody come

Miss Furukawa is starting the orientation

Mr. Hayashi – school’s teacher

Mr. Nagashima – school’s teacher

Ms. Miura – school’s teacher

Mr. Noda – school’s teacher

Mr. Mori – school’s teacher

Mr. Mori is speaking about Japanese manner and school’s rules

Seriously hearing…

…and taking note

Everybody are really serious

Look! Mr. Noda is so kind!

Signing after took part in the orientation

Mr Lo and Miss Furukawa, again

Miss Zhao is advising something

Where is my class?

The smiling behind the masks

Everybody, let’s do our best together until March 2022 ❣

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