I entered Tamagawa International Language School in 2019. Not only did I study Japanese here, but I could also study Japanese culture, Japanese life and customs. In particular, I think that I was able to learn a lot by participating in festivals, opening campuses, visiting the JAL factory, and teaching Japanese to kindergartens as kind of events at school. Besides, the teachers of Tamagawa International Language School cares about the future of students and the purpose of studying, and helps them. It is recommended for students to study hard in Japan and aim for higher goals.

Xie Zhongxuan (China)

I came to Tamagawa International Language School in July last year as an international student. I was impressed to see Japanese people working diligently and seriously. The teachers at the Japanese language school are also kind and serious. You will be carefully taught about what not to do. I am very grateful.

Zhang Ruiqi (China)

I am glad that I entered Tamagawa International School. First of all, I was able to meet people from various countries and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures. Also, if your goal in coming to Japan is to go on to school or get a job, you should prepare for a Japanese language as a preliminary step. I think it will be more certain to study Japanese in Japan and take the entrance exam or employment exam after reaching a certain level in Japanese Language.

Yuan Zhenhao (China)

At Tamagawa International School, people from different countries gather to study. This is a lot of fun. For example, I made friends with people from Mongolia. I used to think that Mongolians would move on horseback, but I actually talked to my Mongolian friends and they told me it wasn’t. This gave me a change to see in different perspective.
I think it’s very good to experience multiculturalism like this. If you have a chance, go to the outside world. A different life may be opened.

Ruan Huixin (China)

Living in Japan is fun. I’m making progress every day by learning new things and making various decisions myself. Studying Japanese at Tamagawa International Language School is a great experience. The teachers are kind and they will answer you seriously if you have any problems. I’m glad I could study in Japan.


At Tamagawa International Language School, people from various countries are learning Japanese. You can make friends with students from various countries and study very much. The teachers are also enthusiastic and kind. The school is close to Akihabara station and 5 minutes from Asakusabashi station, which is very convenient. I think it is a very good school to study.


I have always been happy to come to Japan. Then, I got into contact with Japanese culture and education, broadened my horizons, and gradually grew myself. Tamagawa International Language School has more than 30 years of experience teaching Japanese to foreigners. The teachers are also enthusiastic and kind, and cares about the students. A speech contest is held every year. It is fun for teachers and students to participate in Japanese festivals together.


I came to Japan and enrolled in Tamagawa International Language School at the time of the cherry blossoms in April of last year. It’s been a year since I came to Japan. I think that experiencing Japanese culture and customs through study abroad is just as important as studying. The teachers of Tamagawa International Language School are good at teaching and friendly. In addition, I consulted with my school teachers on how to proceed to further education and select vocational schools in the future. I am grateful to the teachers of Tamagawa International Language School for making this year a precious time. I will do my best for my future.


There is a big difference between Russian and Japanese culture. I am studying abroad in a book today to see the difference. Tamagawa International Language School is located in Tokyo, near the station and very convenient for transportation. Many of the teachers at Tamagawa International Language School have a lot of experience, and they are eager to support students who are in trouble. I’m learning Japanese in class with Chinese and Thai classmates. All my classmates are very kind as they can help me when I am in trouble. Would you like to study together at Tamagawa International Language School?

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