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Outline of Tamagawa International Language School

Outline of the School

School Name Tamagawa International Language School
Address 〒111-0053
Tamagawa International Building 5-15-10 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Established 1989 Japanese Language Education Promotion Association Accredited School
Capacity Total 400 students
School Building 1st Basement Floor, 8 Floors above ground
Admission Time 4 times a year (April, July, October, January)
Japanese Language Course Basic, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Advancement
Tel +81-3-3861-8201 Fax+81-3-3861-8140
E-mail tils-english3861@hotmail.co.jp



Google maps

JR Sobu line : Asakusabashi Station 5 minutes on foot from the west exit
JR Yamanote line : Akihabara station 10 minutes on foot from Showa-dori Exit
Toei Chikasetsu Asakusa Line : Asakusabashi Station A4 exit walking 10 min

Our Features

Guidance of Student’s Learning Attitude

Once or twice a year, the school sends a letter to the parents and informs them of the student’s attitude toward school life.
The attendance rate,
The school test results, EJU / JLPT test results, and comments on learning attitudes will be translated into the language of each country and sent to parents.

Various extracurricular and exchange activities

The school will provide students with opportunities to come into contact with Japanese culture by setting up a new student tour using a school bus in Tokyo and classroom-specific cultural classes.


There are no shops that hinder studying near our school. Around us there is Asakusabashi Library and park within a 3-minute walk from our school

located in an environment where students can concentrate on studying with peace of mind.

Students with 100% attendance can enjoy boating and barbecues at the Tamagawa International Group’s marina.

A tour of Tokyo or an excursion by bus of the Tamagawa International Group.

Annual schedule



  • Spring Vacation
  • New Students Tour
  • Study Toward Briefing Session



  • Countermeasure trial examination for Japanese University Admission
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Crime Prevention Workshop
  • Entrance Ceremony



  • External Academic Briefing
  • Torigoe Shrine Festival
  • Mid-term Test
  • First Examination for Japanese University Admission
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation
  • Study Toward Briefing Session



  • First Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • New Students Tour
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Crime Prevention Workshop



  • Study Toward Briefing Session
  • Summer Vacation



  • Speech Contest
  • 1st Semester Exam
  • Tuberculosis screening



  • Entrance Ceremony
  • Study Toward Briefing Session
  • New Students Tour
  • Countermeasure trial examination for Japanese University Admission



  • The second Examination for Japanese University Admission
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation
  • Disaster Preparedness Training



  • The second Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • Excursion
  • Late midterm test
  • Winter Vacation



  • Cultural Classes
  • Crime Prevention Workshop
  • Study Toward Briefing Session



  • Graduation Tour
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Graduation Exam



  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Second term final exam
  • Cherry blossom viewing

Principal Introducion



Tamagawa International Language School – Principal


Kan Teacher

Kan Teacher

Tamagawa International Language School Culture Department – Principal

Japan has very special cuture and cutting-edge technologies. If you think Japan is good and you wanna study in over here, we will sincerely support you. I really hope all of our students could understand Japanese history and enjoy Japanese atmosphere, as well as good at Japanese. In our school, we not only teach Basic, Intermediate and Advance Japanese, but also let you study how to pass the important examinations. In fact, if you wanna study in university or college in Japan, you must pass with high score in TOEFL-iBT exam or EJU exam and school exams. All of our teachers have many years of experience, so we can give suitable teaching for each of our student. The tree of knowledge does not take root just by reading reference books or taking classes. At our school, we use our private know-how method to provide education which prioritizes knowledge building. We are waiting for the admission of everyone who wants to go on to a first-class school.

  • – Bachelor of British literature, The First Department of Literature Waseda University.
  • – The Eiken Test in Practical English Proficiency, Grade 1
  • – TOEIC 935
  • – The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test, Level 1

Hobbies: Running every weekend. Completed the 2016 Tokyo Marathon.

Chief of staff introduction

Hayashi – Teacher

Tamagawa International Language School Senior Teacher

Today, you can easily know about Japanese culture, geography… by using the power of internet. However, when you actually living in Japan and communicating with Japanese, there have a lot of surprise. To live in Japan or studying in Japan, Japanese is very important. I think it is very difficult to live in a foreign country while studying a non-native language. However this is a good change to grown up. We will help each of you to achieve your small goals and realizing your big dreams.

Maiwa – Teacher


Tamagawa International Language School Culture Department Senior Teacher

It is also important to have a good time at this moment, but if you do your best here, you will have a more enjoyable future. Please do your best not to forget the purpose of coming to Japan to study. We are here to help you make your study abroad life even better.

Faculty Members

Mori Teacher

Mori So

It is very work hard to study abroad, so you need set your goals clearly. Living in a different culture may not be all fun, but I’m sure any experience will be useful in your life in the future. Let’s work together towards your goals.

Ito Teacher

Studying abroad in Japan will be a good experience in your life. If you study hard, you will surely be able to open the way for yourself. We will do our best to support everyone who works hard.

Noda – Teacher

Fujita Teacher

Why did you come to Japan? In order to play an active part in Japan, you must develop your Japanese skills. However, you are not alone. Let’s work together in and communicate with people with the same purpose in different cultures. If you act with a sense of purpose, you should be able to use your time effectively. We will support your growth, so let’s work towards our goals.

Nagasima Teacher

Nagasima Teacher

There are various purposes and circumstances for coming to Japan. However, the Japanese look at your behavior and imagine and evaluate what kind of country it is. In other words, your good actions will increase your reputation in your country. The reverse is also true. I will do my best every day for my country and for my juniors who will come to Japan in the future.

Takeuchi – Teacher

Takeuchi Teacher

What are your dreams?
Japanese companies are now active in various fields around the world.
If you learn Japanese and absorb a lot of the best parts of Japan, such as Japanese culture and thinking, and you can use it as a driving force, I think it will be the first step to realizing your dream.
And, if you can play an active part in each field in the future, that is the happiest thing.
We will do our best to make your dreams come true.
Let’s do our best together.

Fujita Teacher

Fujita Teacher

Japan has a unique culture and cutting-edge technology. We sincerely support international students who come to study in Japan. I would like international students to have the ability to understand Japanese history as well as the ability to understand Japanese language and the ability to use it.

Miura – Teacher

Studying in Japan and interacting with people from various countries is surely a valuable experience for you. At first, you may be confused by the difference from your home country. If something goes wrong, we will support you well. Please achieve your goal in Japan!

Kariu Teacher

日本へ来て、日本語だけではなく生活面においても日本の文化に触れ、たくさんの出会いがあり、毎日が新しい発見だと思います。時に楽しく、時に辛いこともあるでしょうが、日本へ来たときの目標や夢を忘れずに、少しずつ前進を目指して一緒に頑張っていきましょう。When you come to Japan, I think you are not only learn Japanese, but also you can touch in Japanese culture and meet a lot kind of people, so you can enjoy your new life everyday. Even though you are funny or you are boring, please alway don’t forget your dreams and your targets which let you come to Japan. I am here to try with you, let’s fight everyday!

Ono Teacher

I think that is a special experience when you studying abroad and living in Japan. There will be hard, but don’t forget your determination when you come to Japan, stay funny and learn everything. You should try to make your dreams come true and I promise to support you. Let’s fight!

Asakura Teacher

I think studying a foreign language and living in a foreign country are very difficult. You may want to return to your country. Still, if you can work hard to the end, a great future should be waiting. When you have a hard time, try to make every day fun while cherishing the people who help you. I will do my best so you can come to school happily.

Chou Teacher

Living in Japan can be fun and difficult. I think it’s wonderful to have a person who always works hard without forgetting to smile. Let’s do our best in Japan so that everyone can make their dreams come true. Hitachi Gakuin teachers support you.

Miyazawa Teacher


Office Staff

May be it’s not only funny to living in Japan, but I will work hard to help you to have good time in our school. If you had some problem, you shall feel free to tell to me. Let have a lot of friends, let make you adventure excellence. Let’s try!

Furukawa Teacher

Furukawa Teacher

Office Staff

I hope everyone can enjoy studying at Tamagawa International Language School with peace of mind. We will support you. If you have any questions about school, life in Japan, or any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Part-time Teachers

We also have part-time teachers for training you a lot of practical knowledge.

Office Staff

Chinese Staff

Vietnamese Staff

English-speaking Staff


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